ForewordOur aspiration is getting the best out of the industrial revolution-I4.0 to innovate the financial sector, banks, tax, hospitals ... and bring values for the country and the whole people.

Affiliate partners

HVCG software is a great partner. Good quality, affordable cost, good customer care. All my websites are currently used by HVCG Software and I am very pleased.

Pham Ngoc Thu Ngo / CEO Japan Care

The entire software section of my company is now deployed by HVCG Software. I am very pleased and will definitely cooperate with HVCG Software for a long time. We mostly serve Japanese customers, they have very high requirements, but HVCG Software satisfies all perfectly.

Hien Le / CEO More Production Viet Nam

PRODUCT SUPPLYOur aspiration is to apply the power of the industrial revolution 4.0 to change the financial, banking, tax, hospital sectors ... and bring benefits to the people and the country of Vietnam.