System integration solutions

Technology solutions and systems integration services include activities of researching, development, application deployment and network system construction in the aim of combining the applications, processing systems to ensure they work closely and link together as an unified whole.


  • Government, ministry, agencies

  • Large enterprises

  • Small Business

  • Hospital

  • Schools

  • Finance, stock

  • Manufacturing enterprises

  • Multinational enterprises

  • Construction associations & organizations

IT system consultancy and infrastructure

  • Gathering technical requirements and the customer business.


  • Surveying the existing network of customers.


  • Overall design.


  • Detailed.


  • Providing customers the overall design and detailed design.


Deploying IT systems

  • Collecting the current state of the customer system

    Giving the current state of the system and a prerequisite for the next step of IT system implementation services.

  • Giving customers deployment plan, system integration

    Giving customers the optimal method of deploying, integrating new systems. Ensuring the safety and security information for the old system (if any).

  • Giving customers operating procedures

    Giving customers operating procedures of the IT systems in accordance to the standards of safety and security information.

  • Giving customers a complete IT system

    Giving customers a suitable IT system in accordance with production requirements of optimum business on total investment of customers.

Optimizing IT networks

1– Doing survey and analysis to find out the weaknesses of 3the system, the potential risks may affect the operation of the business.

.2– Creating technical solutions to handle the for each component of the system, such as server, network, software system (OS), software support systems (data backup software, administration system …), electrical systems – UPS, cooling systems, lightning protection systems…

3– Detail Technical reports and customer recommends for the appropriate solutions.

4Network security policies construction consultancy for Business.

5– Deployment and optimization for the customers.


  • – Web and Email security: solutions and attack prevention of infection through Web access and email transactions such as spyware, viruses, spam…

    – HVCG Software specializes in providing security products such as Cisco Web and email such as Barracuda, Sophos…

  • – Network security infrastructure: focused on security infrastructure, information technology, attacks avoidance from unauthorized access, network vulnerabilities and weaknesses detection.

    – The products used to enhance the security of the network infrastructure are the latest and high capacity products  from well-known companies such as Cisco (ASA series 5500, Firewall Service Module, the SRX Series, Checkpoint (UTM-1).

  • – Access Security: Access Security: included solutions using VPN for remote users and security solutions for accessing wireless networks such as CISCO (ASA series SSL / IPSec VPN, VPN, Secure Access Control System, NAC Adaptive Wireless IPS, wireless controller)…


Business IT staff often face the challenge of maintaining and troubleshooting related to new, complex technologies and must constantly face changing requirements to ensure Availability for the business system. And at the same time, businesses have to fight to keep trained network engineers and hope to reduce human consumption to a minimum.