Hieu Quang Bui Director of HVCG Software

Learning With Expert Company Limited is considered the leading software provider in Vietnam offering complete business software solutions, is a trusted partner to multifarious information technology projects in the following sectors:Government, Education, Taxation, Treasury, Customs, Insurance, Power, Banking, Finance …

HVCG Software affirms the mission of understanding and developing the enterprise. We apply the advanced technology in the field of information and communications technology to solve the problem of digital transformation, digitization … for local and international clients.

HVCG Software possesses the development capability of platforms, software, technology services  to save manpower, increase productivity.On the strength of both creation and efforts in technology  and governance innovation, HVCG Software‘s aspiration is to become the leading company with its platforms, software, and services are widely used in domestic and foreign market.

Coming to HVCG Software, customers are always provided valuable and practical advices, the latest technology solutions,  consultation & optimum installation to fully solve customer problems.

Vision – Mission – Core Values

Learning With Expert Company Limited

  • Being devoted to the business, customer problems are our own problems.
  • We always use our best efforts to bring benefits for the customers.
  • Thanks to our talented and experienced professionals in finance & IT segments, we are in our confidence to bring customers the most qualitied product and service, the latest technology with excellent consulting services at reasonable cost.
  • HVCG Software aims to be one of the leading enterprise offering IT solutions until 2025.

Team Of Leanring With Experts

Quang Hieu Bui

Hoa Xuan Le
Deputy Director

Thanh Truong Le
Deputy Director

Minh Ngoc Vu
Deputy Director